Sitting Bull College Librarian Mark Holman ~ Immigrants and Healthy Food ~ Chef Rosey on Smelt

Mark Holman

Thursday, March 8 – What role does a library play in capturing history? Mark Holman is the library director at Sitting Bull College on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. The reservation was the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest, which captured international attention in 2017. He spoke with Lisa Johnson at KUMD in Duluth about A presentation he put together, “Standing Rock: A Librarian’s Response.” ~~~ First Friday at B is a monthly meet-up about food and food issues. Yoke Sim Gunaratne is the executive director of Cultural Diversity Resources. She spoke at March's event about the relationship between her work helping immigrants, and the need for healthy food systems. ~~~ Chuck Lura shares a Natural North Dakota essay titled “The Great American Desert.” ~~~ U-S farmers send more than 170-million hogs to market each year. That’s a lot of ham and bacon. To breed for that amount of pork, farmers rely on artificial insemination. As Harvest Public Media’s Amy Mayer reports, it’s an international industry based in biology… and groceries. ~~~ Chef Tim Rosendahl is here to discuss smelt, a popular Great Lakes fish. ~~~ Ashley and Bill Thomas have our What’s Happening calendar of events.