For the United Tribes board chairman, pow-wow and summit have been 'a family affair'

Sep 6, 2017

For the current chairman of the United Tribes Technical College Board of Directors, the annual United Tribes Pow-Wow and the Tribal Leaders Summit have been “a family affair.”

David Flute is the chair of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate tribe. He said he’s been coming to the event for many years.

"My dad was chairman of the Tribe for a number of years," Flute said. "He also chaired United Tribes for a nunber of years in the 70s and 80s. So, I've seen this event grow."

Flute said it's a great event.

"It's great for the whole community," Flute said. "It's great for the five tribes of North Dakota that help sponsor the events."

Flute said he’s also very proud of the growth in United Tribes. This fall, the college has 477 students enrolled.

"Academics is important for all tribes," Flute said. "We're proud of United Tribes and its expansion. We're growing to meet the needs of the tribes, and those non-tribal members that want to come to UTTC. It's not just for the Indian people. It's for everyone."