Voter affidavits OK for November election

Sep 22, 2016

Secretary of State Al Jaeger.
Credit Courtesy Secretary of State

North Dakota voters who don’t have an approved ID will still be able to vote – if they sign a “voter affidavit.”

"By completing the affidavit, and at minimum, providing their name, birthdate and residential address, they will be given a ballot," said Secretary of State Al Jaeger.

Jaeger said this was the solution his office proposed, when US District Judge Daniel Hovland issued a preliminary injunction against North Dakota’s voter ID law. The state law did not allow for a voter affidavit. Hovland said the state had to have a “fail safe” provision – and Jaeger said the judge approved the state’s plan.

"It was in keeping with the judge's ruling, what he was expecting and what he was looking for," Jaeger said. "There was no need to add any additional requirements."

The four approved IDs for voting include a driver’s license, a non-license ID issued by the Department of Transportation,  a tribal ID with a valid address, and a long-term care certificate.