driver's licenses

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

North Dakota’s Department of Transportation will be proposing increases in driver’s license fees and motor vehicle registration fees in the 2019 Legislature.

DOT representatives presented that to the Legislature’s interim Government Finance Committee.

Right now, the fee for a “Class D” driver’s license – the one most people have – is $15 for six years. DOT says driver’s license fees haven’t been raised since the 1980s, and don’t cover the costs.

An interim Legislative committee is studying whether there will be an increase in driver’s license and vehicle registration fees.

"Right now, our understanding is we're losing money on it," said Interim Government Finance Committee chairman Sen. Ronald Sorvaag (R-Fargo). "Should the taxpayers subsidize the cost of you renewing your driver's license?"

The Committee study was contained in the Department of Transportation's budget bill.

"I think we're subsidizing the plates by $5, or something like that," said Sen. Gary Lee (R-Casselton). "Should we be doing that?"