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Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier is asking for help from other states to deal with the continuing Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

Kirchmeier told reporters in Mandan Monday the events of the past weekend – with 127 protestors being arrested – caused him to send out a call to other states for help.

"We've reached a point to where additional manpower is needed to sustain our activities," Kirchmeier said. "And, it's to ensure the safety of everybody involved."

Courtesy Morton County Sheriff's Department

127 people protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline were arrested over the weekend.

Of those , 126 were arrested in major demonstrations Saturday. During those events, pepper spray was used on a group of protestors. Sunday, another group blocked state highway 1806 and county road 134, using hay bales, tree stumps, logs and rocks. 1806 was later opened, but the county road remained blocked Monday morning.

No charges against Amy Goodman for DAPL protest

Oct 17, 2016
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

A public media journalist will no longer face criminal charges stemming from an incident at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest.

Amy Goodman is the host of “Democracy Now.” She was covering the protest south of Mandan over the Labor Day weekend. She followed the protestors onto private land.

Goodman had faced a trespassing charge. Prosecutors dropped that, in favor of a misdemeanor rioting charge. However, a judge threw out that count – and Goodman is free.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

North Dakota’s oil production dropped below one million barrels a day in August.

In his monthly "Director's Cut" briefing, state mineral resources director Lynn Helms says production dropped about 5 percent from July. The August average was 981,000 barrels a day.

"This is the month that we've all been anticipating, but were definitely not looking forward to," Helms told reporters. "It's not great news. But we've all been anticipating it."

Helms said he thinks he knows why the drop in the August report.

Pipeline protest costs may exceed $6 million

Oct 12, 2016

North Dakota’s Congressional delegation says it will continue to push for federal reimbursement for costs the state has picked up in the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

Gov. Jack Dalrymple had asked for at least $6 million, to help pay for extra law enforcement that has been deployed for the protest. But so far, the federal government has not offered any financial help. And Dalrymple said those costs are going up.

North Dakota regulators are objecting to Xcel’s customers in this state paying for a solar project in Minnesota.

"A 718 kilowatt solar facility is being built in Minnesota to comply with some of their mandates," said Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk. "And they would like some of those costs spread to North Dakota customers."

Kalk said Xcel proposed that it would be done through a purchased power adjustment, rather than in a full rate case. He said it isn't a lot of money.

Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley has joined the growing number of people arrested while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.


She was arrested Monday for allegedly engaging in a riot and criminal trespass, according to law enforcement in North Dakota’s Morton County. The sheriff’s office says she was on private property at a pipeline construction site with a crowd of more than 100 protesters.


Court Denies Tribe's Pipeline Appeal

Oct 11, 2016

Construction can resume on a controversial stretch of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota after a federal appeals court on Sunday denied the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s request for an injunction.


The tribe sought to halt work within 20 miles of the Missouri River. Tribal officials claim past construction there destroyed burial grounds.


Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said he has increased patrols in southern Morton County, in response to activities of some of the Dakota Access Pipeline protestors.

Kirchmeier told reporters some of the pipeline protestors have – as he put it – “disdained the rule of law.”

"That has resulted in a heightened level of fear and concerns among our residents," Krichmeier said."And those fears are real."

Kirchmeier said some of the residents have been threatened, intimated and terrorized. He said safety remains the top priority.

Another DAPL protest near St. Anthony

Oct 5, 2016
Courtesy Morton County Sheriff's Department

A large contingent of Dakota Access Pipeline protestors blocked North Dakota Highway 6 near St. Anthony Wednesday afternoon.

North Dakota Highway Patrol Lieutenant Tom Iverson was on scene. He said when law enforcement arrived, the protestors were given 10 minutes to clear the highway. He said they agreed, pulling off into ditches on the sides of the road.

Iverson saids some of the protestors were engaging in what he called “intimidation tactics” against law enforcement.