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Michael Stipe's Solo Debut

The Guardian

Michael Stipe is 59. His former band R.E.M. formed in 1980. And, unbelievably, he has yet to put out any solo material. Until Saturday. That's when the single "Your Capricious Soul" will be out on his website. You can either buy it for 77 cents or download it for free. He's hoping you'll buy it because proceeds benefit Extinction Rebellion, a nonprofit climate action group who are organizing protests on October 7th for climate justice. Barrie Masters of pub rock pioneers Eddie and the Hot Rods has passed away at age 63.  Joe Strummer and legendary British DJ John Peele described the band as a precursor to punk rock in the mid 1970's. And fresh off her uber-hilarious take on Senator Kamala Harris as a TNT tv star in a Saturday Night Live skit, Maya Rudolph stars with Jack Black in a sendup of 80's hit sitcom Three’s Company. The comic pair play The Roepers in a new music video for long dormant LA 90's band that dog's comeback single "Just the Way."



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