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PSC approves siting for an existing natural gas pipeline

The Public Service Commission has approved the siting for a 6 and a half mile natural gas pipeline in Divide and Burke Counties.

The twist is – this pipeline already exists.

The line is owned by Hiland Operating. It was built in 2009, and went into service in 2010. Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak says Hiland originally thought it didn’t need to go through the siting process. But she says the company learned after-the-fact that it did have to go through that process.

"The company came forward and said, 'We screwed up,'" said Fedorchak. "I appreciate that."

Fedorchak says if the company had not come forward, the PSC would not have known about the pipeline.

"It's good to get it sited, and eventually reclaimed in the proper manner," said Fedorchak. "We know where it is, and will be able to monitor it going forward."

Fedorchak says state law says a company could face substantial fines if it “willfully” disregarded state law. She says in this case, she doesn’t believe the company “willfully” did that.

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