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Electric reliability seminar scheduled for Fargo

The North Dakota Public Service Commission is sponsoring a half-day forum in Fargo Wednesday on electric reliability.

"The title is 'Electric Liability -- Keeping the Lights On in North Dakota,'" said Commissioner Julie Fedorchak. She says the forum will have several purposes. She says the Commission wants to start an on-going discussion with the public on how some of the issues will affect consumers’ pocketbooks.

"The Clean Air Act proposal -- which the EPA calls the Clean Air Proposal -- is going to have some sweeping changes for the electric industry," said Fedorchak. "It's a transformation of the industry. And with this level of change, the public needs to know what's going on, what some of the costs are going to be and what some of the ultimate benefits are."

And Fedorchak says the other big issue is -- as the demand for power grows in North Dakota, how will utility companies meet that demand.

"We don't want to be short on power," said Fedorchak. "We, as a Commission, want to advocate for whatever needs to be done to insure that the lights stay on."

The meeting will be held Wednesday at 8:30 am – at Cass County Electric Cooperative.

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