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PSC: Supreme Court made the right decision in the EPA mercury emissions case

Members of the North Dakota Public Service Commission say they welcome the US Supreme Court’s decision concerning EPA rules dealing with coal-fired power plants.

The high court says EPA should have taken cost into consideration – when it issued rules dealing with mercury and air toxics.

PSC chairman Julie Fedorchak says it is a step in the right direction.

"It really represents the Supreme Court pulling in the reins on the EPA," said Fedorchak.

Fedorchak says in this case, it’s too late – because North Dakota’s plants have already installed the new equipment to reduce those emissions.

"But I do think it sends a strong message to the EPA moving forward, on how they need to develop their rules," said Fedorchak. "And I really hope it has some impact on their approarch to the carbon dioxide regulation, and they will take a step back and do some serious work on the cost impact of those proposed rules."

Commissioner Randy Christmann says he thinks the Supreme Court got it right in this decision.

"Unfortunately, we've got a rogue agency in the EPA, that accomplished most of their goal here," said Christmann.

And Christmann says he thinks EPA will try the same thing with the new clean coal rules.  Those rules could be published yet this summer.

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