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ND 'shatters' daily oil and gas production records

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

North Dakota mineral resources director Lynn Helms called Friday's "Director's Cut" briefing "one of the most encouraging reports we've had in over three years."

The reason: in May, North Dakota hit a new daily oil production record, at 1,244,629 barrels a day.

"We didn't just set a new record, we shattered the old record," Helms said. "17,000 barrels a day more than the previous record, in December of 2014."

Natural gas production also set a record – at nearly 72 billion cubic feet for the month. But Helms said for the first time since last October, the gas capture goal was missed. That goal is 85 percent capture, but the May umber was 83 percent.

"The primary reason for that is that the Robinson Lake gas processing plant was down most of the month of May, for major maintenance and upgrade operations," Helms said.

The next Director’s Cut will reflect June numbers – and Helms said things are looking good for more records to be set.

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