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Security Tightens Around The Region

By Stan Stelter, Tracy Fugere

Fargo, ND – Security has been heightened at the Quentin Burdick Federal Courthouse in Fargo in the wake of bombings in New York and Washington, D.C. this morning.

Brian Berg is a U.S. Marshal in Fargo:

"We've gone to a heightened security alert in this building and we're trying to conduct business ? I won't say as usual but ? we're going to try to conduct the court's business that requires to be done as to the degree that the judge wants that to be done. But is security increased? Yes it is. We're sensitive to the events that are occurring in this country right now but we are going to push forward with the government's business and guards to the court as well."

Berg says those entering the courthouse should expect to go through more security precautions.

"They should expect additional concern, or security screening. They shouldn't be put out by they fact that maybe more questions are going to be asked, or further screening is going to be done because I think we all realize the citizens of this country that this is a real tragedy. I mean we don't know what the extent is going to be by the time this day is over with and even the present catastrophes, or the terrorist acts that have taken place in that area. I mean, we don't know what the numbers are going to be but they are going to be insurmountable, I think."