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Railroad looking to upgrade track

By Dave Thompson

Bismarck, ND – The Red River Valley and Western Railroad wants to upgrade some of its track in Cass County.

The short line has asked for federal rail assistance to upgrade the track between Davenport and Leonard. The state Department of Transportation has signed off on the request, along with the North Dakota Public Service Commission.

Tony Clark is a member of the PSC.

"By upgrading this line, it should increase its viability for the future for a number of small southeast North Dakota towns that are on that line, even further down than Leonard. For example, Lisbon and LaMoure are both on this particular line. So, it's good news for that portion of southeast North Dakota and hopefully will keep that line viable for a number of years to come."

The total cost of the upgrade is one-point-eight million dollars. The railroad is asking for one point two-five million dollars in federal help.