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MSUM Cultural Workshop Kick-Off for Cultural Diversity Week

By Tracy Fugere

Fargo, ND – Those interested in getting some exposure to the different and newer cultures in communities around the state are welcome to attend the "Cultural Competency Workshop" today at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Dieter Berninger is a faculty member of the Department of Humanities and Multi-Cultural Studies at MSUM. He says the workshop will feature several presenters.

"We're going to have a representative of Bosnian Culture, Andy Vila; someone from the Sudanese group, Aisha Salih; someone from Somali Culture, Abdikadir Abdinasir. In the afternoon, Yoland Arauza will be speaking about Hispanic Culture. Yoke-Sim Gunaratne will be talking about Asian-American Culture and Doreen Holding Eagle will be talking about the Native American Culture."

Berninger says the workshop is free and open to students and the public. He says people should bring some questions along.

"If they want to ask some of the presenters anything specific they want to know--they should. I should also say that you might see this event as a kick-off event for some of the things that Cultural Diversity Resources will be doing in the coming week which is Cultural Awareness Week. There'll be a community event at the Hjemkomst Center, a cultural fair on Sunday and then during the week there'll be a number of other things."

The workshop is a collaborative project sponsored by the Dillie Fund for Excellence, Cultural Diversity Resources of Cass and Clay Counties and MSUM.

All sessions are held in the CMU Ballroom.