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Fargo 20/20 - Campaign Rolls Out

By T.McDonald

Fargo, ND – Now that their measure is on the fall ballot, organizers of the Fargo 20-20 campaign are launching their awareness effort. If approved in the fall election, the 20-20 campaign would amend the Fargo Home Rule Charter and require the city to obtain 20-percent of its electricity from renewable resources by the year 2020. Dean Hulse is a volunteer with the campaign and was among those who circulated petitions. He says he found strong support for the idea while gathering signatures. But there will also be some misconceptions to clear before Election Day...
"Electricity demand is going to go up, regardless, and something has to be built to supply that demand. We're calling for that capacity to come from renewables rather than coal-fired generation. When someone says it's going to cost more - compared to what? What will just staying the status quo and just replacing this capacity with coal-fired generation cost?"

Hulse says with nearly two months to get its message to voters the volunteer-based group has a lot of ground to cover with only a small budget to work with.
Voters in Grand Forks will also have the chance to vote on a similar amendment.