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Suspect accused of trying to run over Bismarck police officer arrested in SD


A man accused of trying to run over a Bismarck police officer has been arrested in Brookings, South Dakota.

Bismarck police say 22 year old Ulises Villalobos was arrested without incident. Bismarck Police Sergeant Mark Buschena said the incident began shortly before 11 am Thursday, as officers were assisting the state Parole and Probation department with a search.

"The man must have seen the police, and he fled," Buschena said. "He was in a vehicle, and attempted to run over one of our officers."

Buschena says the officer shot at the vehicle.

"The officer wasn't hurt," Buschena said.

But police say it’s likely Villalobos was struck by a bullet. His condition hasn’t been released.

Buschena said a “Blue Alert” was triggered, because of the attack on the officer. "Blue alerts" are issued when an officer is in danger. But Buschena said it appears the whole message didn’t go out at first.

"It just said, 'Blue Alert -- contact local news media for more information,'" Buschena said. "It didn't have the part about who we were looking for, the vehicle description and that information. That's where the confusion came in."

Buschena said this was the first “Blue Alert” sent by Bismarck Police. He says there will be lessons learned from this.

The incident prompted “shelter in place” orders at several Bismarck schools.

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