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Minot senator wants to legalize smoking cigars in "cigar bars"

A bill in the North Dakota Legislature would allow cigar smoking in "cigar bars."

Sen. Oley Larsen (R-Minot) said he introduced the bill on behalf of a constituent.

His bill would only permit cigars, and the bar has to generate 10 percent or more of its gross annual income from the sale of cigars.

"I've been to VIP bars where they smoke cigars," Larsen said. "It's a whole different type of atmosphere."

Larsen said this would be a niche bill.

"Smoking cigars is legal," Larsen said. "There's not a huge amount of people who rush to do it."

The measure defines “cigar” as a roll of tobacco, with a wrapper or cover consisting only of tobacco, and is sold without a filter.

Larsen said it would not be open to cigarette smoking.

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