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'Abortion reversal' bill passes House


The House has passed what’s been dubbed the “abortion reversal” bill.

The bill requires abortion providers to tell women who are undergoing drug-induced abortions that the process can be reversed – but that “time is of the essence.”

Supporters say there is evidence that women who take the hormone progesterone could stop the process. But it has to be done before the women take a second drug needed to complete the abortion.

"This bill provides women with a fully informed choice," said Rep, Kathy Skroch (R-Lidgerwood). "And for many women, a second choice, a second chance."

Opponents say there are no credible studies showing that the reversal procedure actually works, and this amounts to providing misinformation.  Rep. Mary Schneider (D-Fargo) said the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has found no medically accepted evidence.

"That organization says this 'reversal treatment' is not based on science, and does not meet medical standards," Schneider said.

The measure passed on a 73 to 16 vote. It will now be considered in the Senate.

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