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Bill to prohibit labeling certain products as 'beef' or 'meat' pending in ND Legislature

A bill pending in the North Dakota House would prohibit the labeling of certain products as “beef” or “meat.”

"What we're calling it is 'cultured-cell protein,'" said the bill's sponsor, Rep. Jim Schmidt (R-Huff). "There is a move afoot to take tissue out of bovines or cattle, putting them in the petri dish, and growing them to a certain point, to be utilized for human consumption."

Schmidt is a farmer-rancher. And he said his intent is not to criticize this process – he wants to make sure the labeling is correct.

"This is so that the consumer knows exactly what they're buying," Schmidt said. "In light of that, we're saying it should not be labeled as meat or beef."

Schmidt said this product is not yet on the store shelf. He said this is pro-active legislation, that is also pending in other states.

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