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ND Democrats held 'firehouse primary' Tuesday — Sanders wins

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

North Dakota Democrats cast their ballots Tuesday in what has been billed as a “firehouse primary.”

When the votes were tallied, Sen. Bernie Sanders won, with 7,682 votes. Former vice-president Joe Biden received 5,742 votes.

Fourteen locations were set up across the state for people to vote for their choice to be the Democratic presidential nominee.

In Bismarck, people were lined up at 10 am – one hour before the balloting began. And party communications director Alex Rohr said it bodes well for a good turnout.

"The best indication we had before this was the 3100 people who requested mail-in ballots," Rohr said. "That was pretty exciting, compared to the 2016 numbers. I'm looking arouind here, and it seems like we're in for a good day."

The Party said 14,546 voters turned out.

In  2016, the party held so-called “firehouse caucuses.” But Rohr said there were problems with that.

"Some folks left the caucuses a little bit upset, because they went to the wrong location, and you could only be there for a certain amount of time," Rohr said. "This idea was to have a process that was flexible for people, so that they could come and go, and squeeze it in whenever they could be here."

Credit Dave Thompson

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