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Legislative leaders hope to save up to 8 days for redistricting


Legislative leaders are working to save some days, as lawmakers will have to come back late this year for a redistricting session.

The Constitution limits the Legislature to 80 days over a two-year period.

Lawmakers have talked about finishing in 72 days. That would be April 22nd. It would leave up to 8 days for redistricting.

"I would like to be out of here sooner, but that's not going to happen, with the workload we have," House Majority Leader Chet Pollert (R-Carrington) said. "Seventy-two is a nice target, so we'll see what happens."

Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner says 72 is a good goal.

" I know that both sides are working hard, scurrying," Wardner said. "And when I say scurrying, I don't mean that we're doing sloppy work. Everybody is just being more efficient, working longer during the day, and working towards the goal of being done in 72 days."

A potential complication could be how to deal with the new COVID-19 federal relief money. An estimate prepared by the Legislative Council shows North Dakota receiving just under $1.4 billion, with $1.1 billion for state government, and the rest for local governments.

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