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'Operation Sticker Shock' underway in Mandan, Morton Co liquor dealers

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

A group of Mandan High School students went to a local liquor store Wednesday morning.

They were there as part of a project to reduce underage drinking, and to help remind the stores not to sell liquor to minors.

It’s called “Operation Sticker Shock.” And it includes the students, Mandan Police, the Morton County Sheriff’s office, Custer Health and local liquor dealers.

"We've gone to several establishments that sell alcohol or serve alcohol, and teamed up with them to put these stickers on products," said Morton County Deputy David Tomlinson. "It's to keep adults aware of the penalties they could face if they give minors alcohol."

Taylen Thomas is a Mandan High senior. He was there placing stickers on various alcoholic products.

"It's just a great reminder, coming into the spring season, as people are going to start getting together, to see these stickers, as a reminder that teenage drinking is wrong, and underage drinking is wrong," Thomas said. "It's a great reminder for both students and adults."

Stickers will be placed at other locations around Morton County over the next several weeks.

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