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Rugby Wind farm denied an extension to install a new lighting system


The Public Service Commission has denied another wind farm’s request for an extension of time to install a new lighting system – which, under state law, is supposed to be up and running by the end of 2021.

The system is called “ADLS” – or “Aircraft Detection Lighting System.” It uses radar to determine when an aircraft is in the area, and turns on the light when that happens. That’s a replacement for the blinking red lights.

Rugby Wind was originally holding out hope that another system – called “LIDS,” or “Lighting Intensity Dimming Solution” – would be approved by the FAA. But that hasn’t happened.

In a filing with the Commission, Rugby Wind said most of the ADLS equipment is in place – but it is still waiting on some equipment. But PSC Chairman Julie Fedorchak said that wasn’t enough of a reason for an extension.

"Given 10 facilities are using the same available vendors, and under the same deadline — the four-year time frame given them to complete the installation of ADLS, the Commission determines that waiting for the approval of LIDS, and the supply-chain issue, does not equate to a technical feasibility consideration," Fedorchak said.

The Rugby Wind farm has 71 turbines, capable of generating 149 megawatts.

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