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Board of Higher Education committee to consider salary study

Employee Portrait of Tim Mihalick - ND University Systems
Poppy Mills/NDDOT
Photo Lab
Employee Portrait of Tim Mihalick - ND University Systems

A committee of the state Board of Higher Education will be considering hiring a consultant to find out if North Dakota college and university presidents are paid in-line with presidents of other similarly-sized institutions in the region.

The Board did consider the matter in an executive session this week – but decided after that session to let the Board’s Budget and Finance committee tackle the issue. One board member – Jeffry Volk – moved to hire a consultant during the full Board meeting – but that motion died for a lack of a second.

Tim Mihalick chairs that committee. He said there had been discussion of a more inclusive study, which would include University System executive staff. But for now, Mihalick said the focus will be on the campus presidents.

"It's a challenging time,regarding inflation and costs," Mihalick said in an interview. "I wish I could wave a magic wand, and have a study done for everybody."

But Mihalick said he would like to start with the campus presidents, and see if a survey makes sense.

"We may end up not doing anything," Mihalick said. "But we'll certainly have discussion."

Mihalick said we all know competition is a hard thing to address.

"I've been in business 41 years, and I don;t think I've ever had anyone come and tell me they're making too much money, and they want to give some back," Mihalick said. "But it is something we have to address."

Mihalick said he wants to be cognizant of the concerns of the employees.

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