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Board of Higher Education to consider a salary survey for all ND University System employees


The state Board of Higher Education will be looking at hiring a consultant to do a salary survey of faculty, staff and leadership of the state’s public colleges, on how they compare to regional and national salaries.

"We are in a battle for talent," said North Dakota University System Chancellor Mark Hagerott.

Hagerott said this issue affects all University System employees.

"For example, they're trying to build a polytechnic institute at Bismarck State College," Hagerott said. "You've got to hire some digital science people. Well, guess what — digital scientists are in such demand."

Hagerott is helping the Navy on a task force on their education system.

"They have several digital science gaps at their colleges," Hagerott said.

Hagerott said this is a problem across higher ed — finding competitive salaries to get them to come to North Dakota.

"We just have wonderful, livable communities" Hagerott said. "Let's face it — if you're trying to recruit in these big cities after COVID, that's a hard sale. So we've got a beautiful place, but we have to have competitive salaries."

The Board recently hired Dr. David Cook as the new president at NDSU. He will be paid $420,000 per year. It makes him the highest paid president in the University System. The salary was negotiated.

Hagerott said the Board is looking at hiring a consulting group that does salary surveys. But he said there’s also a shortage of consultants.

"We tried to do something like this earlier in the fall," Hagerott said. "They couldn't even take our work, because they have a shortage of analysts."

Hagerott said this will be a big topic when the Board holds its retreat in early Summer.

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