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New 'vaping quit' program launches

Tobacco Free ND

Tobacco Free North Dakota has partnered with “Truth Initiative” to offer a free “e-cigarette” quit program.

It’s called “This Is Quitting.” And it’s designed for teens and young adults who want to quit vaping.

"Anyone in that age range can opt-in to receive daily text messages, that will give them motivational tips, resources and support to help them with quitting vaping products," said Tobacco Free-North Dakota executive director Heather Austin.

Austin said for young people, it seems they're more connected to their phones than any other communication platform.

"By reaching them where they're at, it simplifies the process for them, rather than having to have them hop on to a phone call, which may be less comfortable for them, or utilizing a computer, which they may not have access to as readily," Austin said.

To enroll in the program, just text the words “Vape Free ND” to “88709.”

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