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Minot officials hoping for a shortened flood control completion time

Minot city officials will be asking state lawmakers to invest more money up front for the completion of the Mouse River Flood Control project.

Minot Mayor Shaun Sipma said the project is moving forward on time and on budget, with the targeted finish date of 2041. But Sipma said he’s hoping to finish the project in a 10 to 12 year time frame, to save money.

"We're talking bout $135 million in savings, just in inflationary costs," Sipma said. "And the savings to flood insurance payers — the property owners in Minot — of almost $80 million themselves, over a 10 year to 20 year period. So it is significant."

Sipma said it will also take a major commitment at the local level – though bonding and sales tax.

"I think there is an appetite to accelerate the implementation," said State Rep. Jim Schmidt (R-Huff), the chairman of the interim Water Topics Overview Committee. "It's just a matter of how we go about doing it."

Schmidt said Legislators will be asking some questions.

"Are there contractors who will be able to do it?" Schmidt said. "Is the equipment there to do that? Are there materials there to do it?"

Schmidt said to be able to speed up the timeline will mean reduced costs to the state, and to Minot.

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