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Minot hoping to get House approval for continued flood control construction

City of Minot

The North Dakota Senate has approved $76.1 million for continued construction of the Souris River Flood Control Project.

The project will provide flood protection for Minot, as well as places outside the city along the Souris River.

In the current biennium, the project received $74. 5 million.

Minot officials have been asking for enough money to save the costs of future construction inflation.

"We proposed three different plans (to the Legislature)", said Minot Mayor Tom Ross. "The center plan is what the Senate approved."

Ross said the most aggressive plan would have appropriated $100 million for the biennium. He said the eye was toward getting the project done on an earlier time line, and reduce construction inflation.

"By doing so, ultimately we can save the state and taxpayers $50 million," Ross said in an interview.

Ross said the next phase of the project will be the “Northeast Tie-Back Flood Wall” – which follows Minot’s Railway Avenue.

"That shores up and secures the downtown, whethere it's going to be a floodwall, or a dike-and-levy system going through the downtown, purchasing some property along the way," Ross said. "That's the next phase."

The Education and Environmental Division of House Appropriations will hear the proposal – which is part of the state Water Commission budget – Thursday.

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