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Aquatic Nuisance Species Awareness Week


Governor Doug Burgum declared May 15th to 21st Aquatic Nuisance Species Awareness week to raise the public’s understanding of the introduction and spread of aquatic nuisance species in the North Dakota’s waterways. Ben Holen, is ANS coordinator for the Game and Fish Department.

"Aquatic nuisance species can have a wide range of economic, ecological and cultural effects, things like zebral, mussels, flowering rush and some of our aquatic vegetation can be very, very hard on aquatic infrastructure so if could definitely cost the citizens of North Dakota money as far as the cost accumulated with mitigating zebra mussels and other things to keep the out of our water infrastructure."

North Dakota currently has low numbers of aquatic nuisance species.

"I encourage all citizens to be their own watercraft inspector, make sure that they're doing the right things at the water body. Inspect all your water equipment for plants, animals, mud, or residual water. Make sure you are draining your live wells, ballast tanks, anything that might have standing water in it. Remove all vegetation at the water access site, have fun and stay safe on the water this summer."