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Some state employees are still working from home. And that may continue.

When the COVID pandemic hit, a number of state employees had to work from home.

But as COVID recedes, some have come back to work in the Capitol – but others are still working remotely.

Will that continue?

"We have not provided any direction to agencies, that they should have a certain percentage of their workforce teleworking, or things like that," said State Office of Management and Budget Director Joe Morrissette. He said right now, each state agency is making its own decisions.

"Obviously, Corrections has to have a different model than attorneys, or auditors, or accountants," Morrissette said. "There are people within OMB, facility management folks, who need to be here on site. The print shop folks have to be on-site. For other positions, the telecommuting works fine."

Morrissette said OMB is working with a consultant – to look at each agency’s space needs. And he said telework is a part of that.

"We really don't have a good inside view of that," Morrissette said. "We know how much space allocated to each agency. We know how many FTEs they have, but we don't know how many are working on site."

Morrissette said his agency will try to identify opportunities for space.

"As a result of telework, we may find some efficiencies and cost-savings," Morrissette said. "If there is space freed up here, agencies that currently lease space off-site can bring those folks back, and can save that expenditure."

Morrissette said OMB plans to make a presentation on this to a Legislative Interim committee in September.

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