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Mental health services expanded under NDDHS grant

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The grant will fund services in underserved areas of the state, including rural counties and tribal communities who have struggled during the pandemic.

A grant awarded by the North Dakota Department of Human Services aims to expand access to mental health services for North Dakotans in rural and tribal communities.

$495,000 is being given to DeCoteau Trauma-Informed Care and Practice, which has clinics in Bismarck and Garrison. The grant will help establish a third clinic in Dickinson, which is set to open June 1.

Dr. Tami DeCoteau says the grant will also expand access to mental health care and services to underserved populations that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I think what we're seeing post COVID in North Dakota, and nationally, is a spike in things like anxiety, worry, restlessness, sleep problems, or low mood, irritable mood. Definitely an increase in substance use disorders and trouble adjusting; in children, that looks like behavioral problems or emotional disruptions. So we're seeing a lot of those in the last couple of years since the pandemic."

DeCoteau says they are honored and excited to receive the grant. She says she’s eager to listen to the needs of these patients, and get them the services they need.

"In North Dakota, we're such an underserved area in terms of mental health services, and so so many of our rural counties just don't have providers in their area, or they have to travel long distances. And of course, in the winter that's particularly complicated. So with the grant, we'll be able to bring on at least two more full time providers that are targeted to provide services to those parts of the state. And the service could be individual counseling, substance abuse, peer support services, or even be some training for adults working with individuals in the mental health field."

DeCoteau says both in-person and telehealth services will be expanded through the grant. This care will be available to North Dakotans living in seventeen counties and tribal communities.