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Former Governors' Mansion State Historic Site hosts seed bomb event

Former Governors' Mansion
ND Tourism
Former Governors' Mansion

This week, the Former Governors' Mansion State Historic Site hosted an event making seed bombs used to sow the seeds of plants that support insect pollinators. Sarah Fox is outreach coordinator.

"Seed bombs are basically a way to plant a lot of seeds in one spot. It's just a fancy way of saying construction paper with wildflower seeds. So, it has a bunch of different types of wildflowers and it's a really easy way to plop it into the ground, cover it up, and then the flowers grow. It is a great way add a variety of wildflowers wherever you choose to plant them in a really easy way. "

The Former Governors' Mansion State Historic Site will host activities throughout the summer for visitors of all ages.

"Next week on Tuesday, at the same time, from 2:00 to 4:00, we're going to have a marbles event. Marbles was a really fun game that kids would have had when they lived in the mansion back in the victorian days. This is a victorian mansion, it is restored to look as it was in victorian times when people did live here. So, we want to do events like that, to try to get people in to do something fun and then explore the mansion just to see the history of North Dakota. "

A schedule of events can be found on the ND State Historical Society’s website.