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ND Sober Ride offers a Lyft voucher during ND Country Fest


Vision Zero is partnering with Country Fest to provide sober rides to those attending the festival. The Sober Ride program will offer a voucher for $10 off Lyft rides during ND Country Fest from July 6th to 9th. Lauren Bjork is Safety Public Information Program Manager for the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

"Anyone who is in the Bismarck/Mandan area is going to be able to use the code
VZCOUNTRY22. We encourage people to use them. There are two shuttles going from Bismarck to New Salem, there's one at the Radisson, and then there's also one going from Kirkwood Mall. So, we're really encouraging people to use this Lyft voucher to get to and from that drop off location so that they are not tempted to drive their vehicle after being at the festival."

Bjork hopes the program will give out over 100 vouchers for the event.

"We don't want to encourage people to drive after drinking. You know, it's very hard because it's out at New Salem, so we want people to go out, we want people to have fun, but if they plan on not camping and coming back to the Bismarck area, we encourage them to definitely plan for a sober ride and have a designated driver there, or if they take the shuttle back, to then use one of our Lyft vouchers to get from the drop off location home."

More information can be found on the ND Vision Zero website.