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Wrigley to propose new measures to help deter violent crime

Attorney General Drew Wrigley
Dave Thompson
Attorney General Drew Wrigley

North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley said 2022 statistics show a rising crime rate in North Dakota.

And Wrigley said that’s especially true of violent crime.

"When you look at the violent crime and person crime increases across North Dakota, I don't think it's a stretch to say that these difficulties present a clear and very real present danger to the communities in North Dakota," Wrigley said at a news conference.

Wrigley told reporters he’s preparing a package of legislation to present to the 2023 Legislative session, to help deal with it. He said the package will include more agents for the state’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and tougher mandatory sentences, especially for violent offenders.

"Punishment and protection are legitimite, and central, important features of the criminal justice system," Wrigley said. "Public safety comes from removing certain types of anti-social and violent dangerous offenders from our communities for a significant amount of time. There's no question on the impact that can have."

Wrigley said he’ll have the package ready in a few weeks.

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