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Committee looking at speeding fine bill

A North Dakota Senate committee is looking at a bill to double the fines for speeding, if someone is driving 21 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit.

For example, the fine for someone driving 96 on I-94 is now $105. Sen. Dean Rummel's (R-Dickinson) bill would raise it to $210.

"We certainly need to financially encourage those individuals who drive 21 miles per hour over the speed limit to slow down and save lives," Rummel told the Senate Transportation Committee. He said speeding was a factor in 34 percent of the fatal crashes in 2021.

The North Dakota Sheriffs and Deputies Association supports the bill. Association executive director Donnell Presky told the Committee the best way to deter excessive speed is higher fines.

"It's been said for a long time, in these halls and in conferences with sheriffs — 'Why don't we do more about this issue?'" Presky said. "When they pull drivers over, it's almost a joke when they're handed their ticket, because of how low the fees are."

No one testified against the bill. The committee has not yet acted on it.

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