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North Dakota Horizons will continue being published

North Dakota Horizons, designated as North Dakota’s state magazine, will continue being published.

The magazine has highlighted the people, places, culture, history, and food of North Dakota for over 50 years.

The magazine announced in late 2022 that it would cease publication at the end of this year. Kylie Blanchard, a co-editor for the magazine says the decision was made because of the rising cost of production and printing, as well as falling subscription numbers.

"As we began the process of closing down the magazine, we begin to receive calls and emails and notes from our readers. They were sharing with us how long they subscribed, what they loved most about the magazine, and some even shared tips on ways we could save the magazine. That was kind of a good example of how much the magazine meant to people across the state, and then we were fortunate to receive some additional support that allowed us to continue publishing in 2024 and beyond."

The magazine will continue as a 32-page, full-color quarterly publication, incorporating more photographs and information about the state, says Annie Bennett, another co-editor. She hopes to refresh North Dakota Horizons and appeal to more potential subscribers across the state.

"We'll plan to continue highlighting everything great about North Dakota and we are going to just try to refresh the magazine make it a little bit more modern. But really, it's to just keep continuing it, highlighting everything wonderful about our great state."

The publication’s refreshed website can be found here: