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NDSU Extension releases projected crop budgets for 2024

NDSU Extension has released projected crop budgets for 2024.

"Last year, everything looked very profitable when I did the projections," said Extension Farm Management specialist Ron Haugen. "This year, not quite so profitable."

Haugen said crop prices have dipped, and that changes the revenue outlook.

"But on the good side, some expenses were lower," Haugen said. "That includes fuel, fertilizer an chemicals."

Haugen said farm equipment repairs and ownership have increased in price, due to inflation. He said some crops are looking barely positive.

"But, in general, the crop budgets look generally positive," Haugen said. "We hope to have a good year, providing everything holds, and the weather cooperates."

The full crop budget outlook is available at NDSU Extension county offices, or online at ndsu.ag/cropbudgets.

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