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Board of Higher Education grants Chancellor Hagerott 'developmental leave'

Portrait of NDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott
Poppy Mills/NDDOT
NDDOT - Photo Archive
Portrait of NDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott

The state Board of Higher Education has approved granting Chancellor Mark Hagerott up to 30 days of “developmental leave” to prepare to teach a class at NDSU on artificial intelligence, as well as complete a book on technological change.

Hagerott said he will prepare the syllabus for the course, work with instructors at NDSU, and will be available for lectures.

The Board’s vote was 7 to one. Board member Jeffry Volk was the lone “no” vote. He said he’s hearing from a number of people both inside and outside of higher education about the proposal.

"This is one of the few items ever that I've gotten feedback before a meeting, suggesting it's the wrong thing to do," Volk said. "And to be frank, I tend to agree. We've got a lot of professors in our system. Why can't they be the ones developing the programs that are needed for cyber security and AI?"

Hagerott said the field is new, but expanding rapidly.

"We don't have that many people laying around to do this," Hagerott said. "My goal would be that I'm able to help faculty expand these programs."

Hagerott said he will use the time in blocks during the spring, summer and fall.

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