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Artist Brad Kahlhamer ~ Trahant Reports ~ Highmont Cattle ~ Letting Go of Guilt

Brad Kahlhamer

Monday, November 18, 2019 – Adopted kids can feel like they're at a crossroads, especially when their birth and adopted parents have different cultural, religious, or racial backgrounds. Artist Brad Kahlhamer's birth parents are native. His adopted parents aren't. He explores this in his show, A Nation of One, currently on display at the Plains Art Museum. ~~~ In this week’s Trahant Reports, Mark Trahant explores the relationship between Native nations, and energy companies. ~~~ In an excerpt from the Prairie Pulse television show, John Harris visits with Edwin Jonas of the Blacktail Mountain Ranch Co. of Walhalla about his Highmont breed of beef cattle, a hybrid he developed.  ~~~ Ever feel guilty when you take a little time for yourself? Self-care coach Randi Kay shares why healing yourself is important.

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