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November 30: Sheriff Myron Thistlethwaite

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In 1955, the city of Bismarck was in the middle of a scandalous trial. On this date the district attorney accepted a $300 bond, filed through the governor’s office for the removal of Sheriff Myron Thistlethwaite, a necessary step in the process for removing a public office holder.

The story of Thistlethwaite’s fall from grace has many twists and turns. It all started with an accusation by Sheriff Thistlethwaite and a Special Deputy Investigator that claimed police chief Don Schoeneman was condoning law violations. They cited several cases. In the first case, they alleged that the department released a clergyman who had assaulted an 8-year-old boy at a movie theatre. On another occasion, they said the department intended to allow an “emotionally disturbed nurse” to leave the state with no police escort. Finally, they claimed the police chief turned a blind eye when he learned of a bar serving alcohol to minors. Chief Schoeneman said he was shocked and appalled by the accusations. He denied any wrongdoing, challenging Thistlethwaite to “prove it.”

Enter, police commissioner Mills, who launched a full-scale investigation. However, much to the sheriff’s chagrin, the claims against Schoeneman were not substantiated. Instead, in a turn of events fit for Hollywood, Thistlethwaite faced legal action from the city for false accusations. But Thistlethwaite refused to retract his allegations. Consequently, Bismarck city commissioners voted unanimously to remove him from office on grounds of incompetence, misconduct, and misuse of power.

Perhaps justice had been served, but the question naturally arises: was this a victory for the rule of law? Or was Myron Thistlethwaite another victim of police corruption?

Dakota Datebook by Colby Aderhold


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