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  • The many windows of the North Dakota Capitol make the tower a unique canvas for lighted designs. One of the first was a cross at Easter in 1934. Over the years, one of the most popular designs has been a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree window design dates back to the building’s earliest years, during the Great Depression.
  • On this date in 1954, the Bismarck Tribune reported that a large portion of Bismarck's business district would be decorated with Christmas street lighting for the holiday season. E. V. Lahr, Jr., president of the Chamber of Commerce said a lighted canopy over the streets would "dress up Bismarck for the holidays." The lights would go up about Thanksgiving time and come down around the New Year weekend.
  • Bismarck experienced several strange events during this week in 1933, including a burning cross, ferocious winds, and drive-by gunshots at a cafe.
  • Bismarck and Mandan residents had a lot to look forward to at the Mandan Fair in 1912. The fair was an important enough event to prompt Bismarck’s public schools to close for Bismarck Day. A ferry operator cut the fee for crossing the Missouri in half during the fair, and special trains were put into service.
  • Anne Frank’s diary became available in public libraries with the publication of an English-language version around this date in 1952. A Bismarck Tribune librarian columnist described the book as “a poignant diary kept by a young Jewish girl hiding out from the Gestapo….”
  • Perhaps the most whimsical room in the North Dakota Capitol is the “monkey room.” The room is a small hallway that serves as a private entrance for the Secretary of State to his or her office on the first floor. A Grand Forks carpenter built the room in 1933 using a method called bookmatching, which mirrors two surfaces. He was paid 80 cents an hour for his work.
  • Today we take a look back on past concerts in Bismarck. Perhaps you will remember some, or be surprised at who performed in the capital city!
  • This week in 1969 the Bismarck Tribune ran a fundraising advertisement for the new Kennedy Center, which was under construction at 1902 East Divide Avenue in Bismarck.
  • Bismarck was home to a number of historical characters in its early years. One of them was photographer D.F. Barry. He is remembered for his photography of Native Americans, frontier forts, battlefields and military officers. His subjects included Sitting Bull, Gall, Rain-in-the-Face, Red Cloud, Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley and General George Crook.
  • The four main ingredients in beer are barley, water, hops, and yeast. North Dakota is not known for its hop production, but the United States is the leading producer in the world, with a large percentage grown in the Pacific Northwest.