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Clete Winkelmann of Nexus-PATH ~ Bar Diamond Bar Boutique and Gallery

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Wednesday, August 11, 2021 - Clete Winklemann moved from Illinois to Fargo early this Spring to take the executive director job at Nexus Path, long known for adoption services. Path is also a leader in clinical trauma treatment and it continues to grow its services, including placing social workers in schools. What Winklemann found here in ND is a growing need for youth services and a critical lack of social workers. In a conversation with guest interviewer Carol Kaupaun Rachenski, we learn about Path’s goals and struggles, and what those tell us about North Dakota. ~~~ Working for yourself can be challenging. The hours and pay are sporadic. There’s a lot of paperwork. But many love the freedom and pride of having a business to call their own. On a recent visit to Medora, Ashley caught up with Jordan Morin, owner of Bar Diamond Bar Boutique and Gallery.