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The Rev. Jamie Parsley on "Fargo 1957" ~ Josie Danz on Bookstores and Reading

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Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021- Carol Kaupaun Ratchenski guest hosts as we visit with Jamie Parsley, Episcopal priest and poet. Parsley first published his book "Fargo 1957" in 2010. This year a new edition came out from NDSU Press. Both a poet and a priest, this book is an elegy to the people, both victims and survivors of the tornado that tore through Fargo on June 20, 1957, killing 12 people including two members of his family members. We’ll talk about his decision to record, in poetry, that devastating historical event. We’ll also hear about his poem “Pristine,” on the new memorial to victims of TWA flight 529 which crashed in September 1961. ~~~ Josie Danz is the former manager of Zandbroz on Broadway, an independent bookstore in Fargo. She is the new Marketing and Publicity Manager with Laurence King Publishing at Hachette Book Group in San Francisco. We’ll talk about her new adventure, and get her thoughts on recent research that tells us reading fiction makes us not only happier, but also more empathetic.