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Jeff Miller and "Our Bend in the River"; Fred Eaglesmith at the Westward Ho

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Jeffrey Miller and his new book, "Our Bend in the River"

In 2018, Jeffrey Miller and his family bought a 5-acre homestead along a river, naming it Cottonwood Bend Farm. They aimed to create a sustainable home, and "Our Bend in the River" documents their journey. The book weaves together Miller's childhood memories on a small farm with his family's current experiences, celebrating rural living and a natural lifestyle. Essays and stories explore various homesteading topics, from gardening and tree planting to sustainable living.

Fred Eaglesmith at the Westward Ho

Chris Lindren, manager of the former Fabulous Westward Ho Entertainment Complex, joins Prairie Public music host Mike Olson and Program Manager Erik Deatherage to reminisce about a night on March 20, 1997, in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Fred Eaglesmith, now semi-retired from touring, occasionally performs one-off shows in Canada, where he resides today.