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One Life

Movie critic Matt Olien discuss Sir Anthony Hopkins' latest film, "One Life," where he portrays Sir Nicholas Winton, known as the British Schindler, during and after his efforts to save Jewish children in Czechoslovakia during 1938. The film, directed by James Hawes, features flashbacks with Johnny Flynn playing the younger Winton, alongside Hopkins' portrayal of Winton in later years. Despite not breaking new cinematic ground, Olien appreciates the film's solid execution and emotional depth, particularly praising Hopkins' performance and the moving payoff that reveals the impact of Winton's actions on the children he saved. Comparing it with other World War II films, Olien suggests "One Life" doesn't reach the artistic heights of "Schindler's List" or "Life is Beautiful," but still offers engaging, uplifting entertainment reflective of ordinary people performing extraordinary acts. The discussion also touches on the challenges of portraying the same character at different ages and concludes with trivia related to Hopkins and his peers.