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Philosophical Currents

Jack Russell Weinstein, host of Why? Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life, joins Main Street to discuss the philosophical aspects of current events.

  • We get a philosophical take on the decline of newspapers. Eight more newspapers went out of business in North Dakota this month. What does the loss of local papers mean for society?
  • Did you dress up and go to Barbie on opening weekend? Are you vehemently opposed to seeing this film? Why is a movie about a doll, and what we project onto it, controversial? It’s time for Philosophical Currents with Dr. Jack Russell Weinstein.
  • What is progress? Where do our ideas about progress come from? How come progress looks different from one person to the next? We explore the topic in this month's Philosophical Currents with philosopher Jack Russell Weinstein.
  • Jack Russell Weinstein joins us for a Philosophical Currents episode, where we discuss current issues of interest. Today’s theme deals with the importance of responsible news reporting.
  • While there's recently been a lot of talk about being "woke," the word has actually been around for a long time. We discuss the concept in this month’s Philosophical Currents conversation with philosophy professor Jack Russell Weinstein.
  • Dr. Jack Russell Weinstein visits with Main Street's Craig Blumenshine about the Metaverse — a virtual world facilitated by the use of virtual reality headsets.
  • For this month’s topic, Dr. Jack Russell Weinstein talks with Main Street's Ashley Thornberg to explore academic freedom and the role of tenure.
  • Anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise. Ashley Thornberg visits with Philosopher Dr. Jack Russell Weinstein.
  • Monday, November 28, 2022 - Philosopher Dr. Jack Russell Weinstein joins Ashley Thornberg for this month’s philosophical currents as he discusses affirmative action. This in light of the case before the United States Supreme Court concerning affirmative action and the higher education admission process.
  • Jack Russell Weinstein is here for our monthly episode of Philosophical Currents, an opportunity to take a philosophical dive into a current topic. Today he reflects on Halloween, specifically the curious behavior as people adopt alternative personas behind the masks. He visits with Ashley Thornberg.