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Fargo lawmaker: 'State has too many buildings'

An interim committee has begun a study of state building needs.

And one committee member says he’s looking for efficiencies.

"We've got so many buildings," said Rep. Alon Wieland (R-Fargo). "We've got so much stuff. We're wasting dollars. This is a matter of economy."

Wieland says there may be buildings that can be torn down or sold, such as in the state prison system, as well as at facilities like the Developmental Center in Grafton.

"We certainly want to maintain the facility at Grafton," said Wieland. "But because it's in multiple buildings, and the number of residents there will be down to the 50s or 60s, we don't need to have all that land. We don't need to have all those buildings. It could be made much more efficient -- and much better for the residents that still have to live there."

Wieland says the community and the state could help accomplish that.

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