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House rejects PSC rail, pipeline inspection initiatives

The House has rejected the Public Service Commission’s proposal to start inspecting railroads – and to beef up its pipeline inspection program.

Gov. Jack Dalrymple had proposed those in his executive budget. And House Democrats attempted to add those back in to the PSC’s budget.

“The Governor, the Public Service Commission and the director of the Oil and Gas Division have very publicly made statements promoting these programs," said Rep. Ron Guggisberg (D-Fargo). "It's our turn to join them. Show North Dakota that the House of Representatives takes seriously the safety of the transportation of oil and other gases in our state. This ius a modest proposal. And it's all we have left.”

But House Majority Leader Al Carlson (R-Fargo) says those programs are the responsibility of the federal government.

“And they have laws in place," said Carlson. "They have safety inspectors in place. And if we send out three inspectors, who's in charge?"

Carlson also says the bill will likely end up in conference committee – so there will be more discussion of the PSC proposal.

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