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Schafer likes Burgum's message of 'reinventing government'

Courtesy UND

Former North Dakota Governor Ed Schafer said he likes Governor Doug Burgum’s call for a “reinvention” of state government.

But Schafer said he was somewhat disappointed that Burgum is keeping a number of cabinet members from the Hoeven and Dalrymple Administrations.

"If he really wants to re-invent government, and he really wants to change the way North Dakota does business, and takes care of the people, he's going to need fresh ideas and new ways of doing things," Schafer said in an interview.

However, Schafer says he was encouraged by Burgum’s message to his cabinet. Burgum said the measure of success is not the size of an agency budget, but by delivering better services more efficiently.

"Hopefully, they (agency heads) will take that into consideration, and really produce better services for the people," Schafer said.

Schafer said he’s had some discussions with Burgum about being Governor.

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