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Senate subcommittee to consider allowing Gov. Burgum to collect no salary

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A subcommittee of Senate Appropriations will consider an amendment to the Governor’s budget – so Governor Burgum would not be taking a salary.

The Governor’s salary is now $157,000 a year. Burgum has offered to take no pay as Governor.

"Fundamentallym his job is to lead," said Sen. David Hogue (R-Minot), the chairman of the subcommittee studying the Governor’s budget. "To do that, sometimes he has to set an example."

Hogue said he hopes the Legislature will be able to do that without making it "a bigger deal than what it really is."

"I think it's a generous and good offer," Hogue said. "We should accommodate him on that, and be done with it, rather than over analyzing it."

Some legislators have been nervous about honoring Burgum’s request –worrying about what precedent it would set.

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