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'Constitutional Carry' bill on its way to the Governor's desk

ND Legislature

It was dubbed the “Constitutional Carry” bill.

The bill has now passed both Houses of the Legislature – and is on its way to Governor Burgum.

The bill says anyone who is not otherwise prevented from carrying a class two firearm – and has had a North Dakota driver’s license or other Department of Transportation issued photo ID – can “conceal carry” a firearm without having to take any test. The person would have to tell law enforcement officers about carrying a firearm if stopped for a traffic violation or other offense.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 4 to 2 for a “do pass” on the bill.

"Under current law, a person who wishes to exercise his or her Constitutional Second Amendment right to carry a gun has to prove he or she is not precluded from carrying a gun," said Sen. Kelly Armstrong (R-Dickinson), the chairman of the committee. "If this bill becomes law, it will allow someone who is legally allowed to carry an gun to carry a gun."

Sen. Carolyn Nelson (D-Fargo) was one of the committee's no votes. She told the Senate she’d rather see people have to take the tests for a class one or class two permit.

"I live in downtown Fargo," Nelson said"There are some folks down there that, quite frankly, if they were carrying I would be more scared than I am now."

The Senate’s vote was 34 to 13.

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